This Blog has been dedicated for IBM MAINFRAME JCL users.

The acronym JCL stands for JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE.

Over the years,it has been came to our notice that there is no clear,detail and thorough knowledge about jcl present over the internet.

Especially for the one ,who are new to this grate mainframe system.

Mainframe is like big ocean, the deeper you go only to come to know that it is much much more deeper. Well i am not scaring you...but the fact.

Mainframe have mainly the subsystems called as JCL,COBOL,DB2,VSAM,CICS etc.

Out of all JCL looks to be quight different,never seen before kind of structure for any language,appears somewhat greekish but carries most power among it's siblings subsystem but sadly given very less important,,,why??? Most of the people work on it use the jcl's which some one has created but if they stuck somewhere there is no way out without the expert....

Here is complete package to this solution with approch never before. Actually if you understand this you will come to know that you can go much more heights apart from it's basic functinality....

Well what to say about the subsystem (read as jcl)without which you can not run a single program on IBM MAINFRAM,,,YES IT IS A FACT,,,,

so read on................

The acronym JCL stands for JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE.Ok so what do you mean by JOB CONTROL LANGAUGE??
Let's take those three word JOB , CONTROL and LANGUAGE

Jcl is the lanuage which controls the execution of JOb. Fair enough but what is job???


Every job consist of mainly three statement

1.JOb Statement
2.Exec(Execution) statement
3.DD(Data Defination) Statement

For every job there is one and only one job statement but same is not true about Exec and DD statemetthat means we can have different number of exec and DD statement for single job.

Job statement:

To understand what is Job statemet YOU must have two questions in your mind.

1> What it contais??
2> What's the use of it?? other way around what if we do not use it??

1> what it contains:

Job statement consist of mainly two parameters

a> Keyword parameter
b> Positional parameter

Keyword parameter: This is the parameter which can be recognized by it's keyword. Ex: Time(5,20),Msglevel(1,1)

Positional parameter: The name itself suffies that, it is the parameter which can be recognized by it's position in the statement

Example of job statement:


read on further under tutorial part,,,

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