So what is ABEND or ABEND CODES???

let's take the word ABEND : AB(abnormally) + END (ended)

ABEND CODE: The error code return by mainframe O/S when the JOB abnormally ended(NOT ENDED OK.
SO, if you wrote some JCL statements and ready to submit a cobol program through your jcl but...

1> What if you miss one jcl statment in between??
2> what if you miss to write a DD name for a DD statement??
3> What if due to some bug in the code you program is going in loop??
4> What if due to some reason you have to cancel the job before it ended??

So if you miss something in your jcl and try to submit the jcl the O/S will return some error code that we have to decode and take the action accordingly and run our jcl again.

But the problem here is that the error code returned by O/S is not in plain english statement but infact it returns a 4 digit number and that is what our ABEND CODE/ERROR is .so here we will see how many of those different abend codes are present ,under what condition that will be displayed and what to do once thay came.
Click on below link for complete list of abend codes.


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