1> How can i pass a data from jcl to cobol program??

Ans: There are two ways

a> Through Insteram (using sysin dd *)
b> Through PARM parameter

2> How do you code insteram data in JCL???

input data
input data
3> Maximum length of PARM parameter??

Ans: 100 char.

4> What if both JOBLIB and STEPLIB is specified???

Ans: JOBLIB is ignored.

5> What is the diffrance between primary and secondary allocation of dataset??

Ans:Secondary space is done when more space is required than what has already been allocated

6> What is the purpose and meaning of the TIME keyword and what JCL statement is it associated with?

Ans: TIME specifies the maximum CPU time allocated for a particular job or job step. If TIME is in the JOB card, it relates to the entire job; if in the EXEC statement, it relates to the job step.

we can code TIME=1440 to have maximum time limit so that the job will not be abended also we can code TIME=NOLIMIT or TIME=MAXIMUM. this allow you to have a maximum of 248 days. a job can be executed continuously for 248 days in mainframe.

7> What is the difference between specifying DISP=OLD and DISP=SHR for a dataset?

Ans: DISP=OLD --> Exclusive HOLD. Read from beginning of dataset. But if u write, then it will overwrite on existing data. i.e old data is lost.

DISP=SHR --> multiple user can share the data. Its read-only file.

8> What is the difference between BLKSIZE and LRECL?

Ans: LRECL is the Logical RECord Length (or size of the record in bytes.
BLKSIZE is the physical size, in bytes, of all the records that are grouped together into a block of records.Both LRECL and BLKSIZE are expressed as bytes.

9> How can be determined if date contained in the header of a file is date current date?

Ans : Use date parameter

10> How will you call the return code of JCL ?

Ans: Return Code in JCL can b obtained by the use of COND is used to know the return codes of previous steps.


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